Unlocking Potential in Consultants, Senior Managers & Executives

“Each aspect of learning was purposeful and usable. I have become more aware of myself as having responsibility for my journey. I now have a clearer action plan for my interventions in formal meetings. I know how to establish and contract clear objectives with the team.” - Management Consultant
Our Clients

Executive Coaching & Management Development

Life Directions is a consultancy specialising in unlocking human potential, and channelling energy along productive and creative pathways. We believe people to be the most crucial asset of any organisation. The quality of their emotional awareness, self management, communication style, and personal leadership, is a decisive factor in maximising organisational success.

Our work is highly client-centred; we work in partnership with our clients to design programmes specific to their particular needs. We take a strong action focus, and our interventions produce real, tangible, and lasting results.

Our approach

We take an 'in depth' approach to development, encouraging participants to

address the attitudes, values, and beliefs, which underlie their behaviours, as well as the behaviour itself. As a result, they can bring about significant changes where they deem appropriate, unlocking and making full use of their potential, and mobilising the potential of others.

Development programmes are highly interactive, using action learning techniques, role plays, and focused discussion. We encourage participants to work with real-life examples from their own experience. While skill development is an important component, the programmes go beyond simple skills training, and offer an opportunity for developmental learning.
Workshops are generally restricted in numbers for maximum involvement, support, and challenge; clearly for team development work the size of the group will depend on the size of the team.

Coaching takes place through a series of one-to-one sessions. In all cases we supply written materials to back up learning. These are used as working tools, and offer a permanent reference for the future.

We subscribe to the code of ethics as outlined by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy