"Use of language in questioning, coping with aggression from others, and giving feedback - this was an eye-opener. I thought I was good at speaking to people, but discovered I was making fundamental mistakes." - Tesco
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Creative Energy of Conflict

Most of us have learnt to fear conflict, yet it is an inevitable feature of organisational life, and, handled creatively, can be a valuable source of information, energy, and innovation.

Knowing how to work through the 'storming' phase is key to transforming potentially destructive working relationships (whether between colleagues, with clients, or within teams), into constructive and productive ones. It is through the acknowledgement, expression, and resolution of conflict, that relationships will increase in resilience. Trust develops, resistance dissipates, and results improve.

In this programme we explore feelings about conflict, analysing current conflict management styles and strategies, and assessing the strengths and limitations of each.

We discuss appropriate ways of managing the strong emotions evoked. We also practise skills and techniques for harnessing the energy released, and using this energy to creative constructive and mutually satisfying outcomes.


  • to reflect on beliefs about conflict
  • to understand the reactions generated by conflict situations
  • to identify existing coping strategies
  • to learn to manage the strong emotions evoked
  • to extend the range of options for handling conflict
  • to practise essential skills
  • to develop the confidence to embrace conflict as a essential ingredient of progress


Stage One
Precourse assignment and self-assessment questionnaire

Stage Two
3 day event

Who would benefit?
Anybody who feels they could be more constructive and creative in their response to conflict situations.

In-house programmes available.

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