"I learnt how to be myself, maximise my strengths, and how to treat people with respect. The outcome was a highly motivated and interdependent team. This totally changed my outlook on life.' - Hilton Meats
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Effective Team Development

Effective teams need to be sensitive to and flexible within the personal/team/task dynamic. When the needs of individuals are respected and appropriately responded to, trust will start to grow, and the group can move quite rapidly into a highly productive team mode. This transition enables creative focus on the task, generates momentum, releases energy, and realises the axiom that 'the whole exceeds the sums of the parts'. With regular maintenance, a healthy team will mature, stay flexible, and learn how to deal with conflict and resistance (from within and without).

This exciting programme frees up the potential within a working group, generates creativity, energy, and trust, and produces a quantum shift towards greater effectiveness and improved performance. It can be effectively applied to horizontal groups of, for example, senior managers, vertical departmental or service teams, or transient project teams.


  • to respect and move through resistance
  • to generate trust and openness
  • to establish an operational value system
  • to identify vision and common goals
  • to organise individual abilities to enhance the whole
  • to create a forum for generating ideas
  • to translate ideas into action
  • to generate excitement and enthusiasm
  • to develop the skill and confidence to work with conflict
  • to achieve superlative results


The structure is flexible and will depend on the specific needs of the team in question. Options can range from a single away-day, to the full programme outlined below. The process will start with one-to-one meetings with all team members, and the first team event will be designed in response to the data thus generated.

Stage One
Diagnosis (confidential 1:1 interviews)

Stage Two
Building the Team - Guiding Principles (2 days)

Stage Three
Developing the Team (2 days)

Stage Four
Consolidating the Team (1 day)

Who should attend?
Any team, or group or individuals, keen to face the exciting challenge of working together at full potential.

In-house programme.

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