Developing the Internal Coach

"Behaviours influence situations and create impressions. Through managing myself, being responsive, and moving skillfully between coaching styles (all within a clear structure), I can now be really effective in helping people grow. Thank you." - Capgemini
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Development Training for Internal Coaches & Mentors

Coaching has achieved widespread recognition as being of value, relevance, and importance in the business arena. At its best, it provides a supportive environment where people can learn to learn, and the full force of their performance potential can be unlocked. Internal coaching schemes can offer each member of an organisation the opportunity for structured time, one to one with a coach, to focus on them - their individual needs, concerns, stresses, performance issues, and career management.

The recent hunger for coaching schemes has left many internal coaches inadequately trained, confused about the nature and psychological implications of their role, and lacking the skills and understanding to fulfil it to the best of their ability.

This programme offers the opportunity for coaches to develop significant understanding of the emotional dynamics and responsibilities of the coaching role, and the chance to practise the core skills that are crucial to making it work well.


  • to recognise what you drives you as a coach
  • to consider the ethics of the relationship
  • to develop a structure around which to hang the sessions
  • to practice crucial coaching skills
  • to understand the psychological dynamics of the relationship
  • to recognise and manage the emotional content of the sessions
  • to generate a system for peer-group support
  • to feel more confident in your ability to offer a high quality coaching service


Stage One
Precourse assignment

Stage Two
2 day residential

Stage Three
1 day case-study review and analysis

Who would benefit?
All current and potential coaches who want to do their best for their coachees.

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