Realising Potential

"Joanna has enormous expertise. The activities were practical, the company stimulating and inspiring, and I was really challenged to develop emotional resilience. The positive, healthy environment raises self-esteem. We learnt simple and effective techniques with ample time practise, and coaching aroung thre edges." - Internal Consultant
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Realising Potential

We generally operate at a fraction of our true potential - outdated beliefs, unhelpful habits, and old scripts, (both conscious and unconscious), often getting in the way of success.

Typically people will tend to adopt different behaviour styles in different situations and with different people; this responsiveness and flexibility is effective, intelligent, and wholly appropriate. Difficulties arise when behaviours tend to become fixed or fluctuate between extremes.

The programme operates simultaneously on subjective and objective levels, developing both inner resilience and outer visible behaviours. It offers an opportunity to reconsider actions and interventions, and to reflect on the belief system that drives them.

Using the model of assertiveness and the skill set that brings, participants will start to recognise their personal power and discover their own inner strengths. They will learn to use them to embrace challenge, enhance their uniquenss, and realise and fulfil their potential.


  • to reflect on current behaviour patterns
  • to consider the emotional drivers motivating them
  • to identify and distinguish between assertive and non-assertive styles
  • to learn to respond appropriately to requests
  • to take responsibility for actions
  • to practice the giving and receiving of feedback
  • to recognise and express emotions appropriately
  • to build personal strength and resilience
  • to increase the range of behavioural responses
  • to develop options which are sensitive, straightforward, and that work


Stage One
Re-framing your strengths (2 days)

Stage Two
Developing emotional resilience and bringing about change
(2 days)

Who should attend?
Anyone keen to get more from themselves and from others.

Open courses and in-house programmes available.

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